7 places you can visit this Christmas while on a budget

We have finally made it to the end of the year!!! Despite all the challenges 2020 has on us, we still made it to the festive season and we deserve to celebrate that. This year has been crazy with COVID 19, as we may have been impacted directly or we know people who have felt the devastating effects of the virus. People lost their loved ones, jobs and even their businesses, making this year a very difficult one financially and emotionally.

However, we are not letting this get in the way of our regularly scheduled December enjoyment.

Because we know the situation, we at Finde decided to come up with a few ideas to spice up your December. Be it with your boys boys, your home girls, our with your lover, we got you covered.

Pubs, bars and hang out spots

Bloom bar

Located at Osu, the night life hub of Accra, Bloombar is the hottest hang out zone in the city. It doesn’t cost much to have a good time at Bloom. Just a fast track, which costs less than 100 cedis and you’re good to go. A great spot for turning up with your squad and taking great snaps.


A hub for everyone, Serallio is just the right vibe. A great place to network and jam. Perfect for a night out with the gang. A gate fee of only 10 cedis and you’re sorted. Ps: you’re allowed to bring in your food and drinks

Bistro 22

Located at Labone, Bistro 22 kitchen is a serene place to dine with family and friends. They serve international culinary delights complemented by a cozy ambience. Also, there’s a meal for everybody no matter your budget.

Zen gardens

Lovely atmosphere especially at night. Amazing and affordable food as well. This place is a whole vibe. You can enjoy live band music while having dinner with your loved ones. A total serene experience. With less than 200 cedis you can have a great time here.


Classy is the word that comes to mind. Located inside Cantonments, Capitol Restaurant is a great place to have a nice meal and take great pictures be it with your partner or your friends. There are affordable options in the menu


The Garage is a relatively new hangout spot in Accra with an aesthetically pleasing design. It’s also a great place to hang out with your squad and just turn up. Just a couple of drinks and some good music.

Night beach

Accra has quite a number beautiful beaches. A few of them include Sandbox, Labadi beach and Lakeside beach resort (Bortianor) for those who love to go to the outskirts of town. It’s a perfect vibe for a date with your partner as well as a hangout session with your friends as well.

That’s all we have for you now. These places are definitely must see places this holiday season especially if you are on a budget. With as little as 100- 500 cedis you can have a nice time this Christmas. Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the Finde team to you

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